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Bring The Thunder

Oh good Lord, can't decide which ones to purchase? Now you can get all 25 batches of oils.



Enough! Anointing oilis a declaration oil as your ministering to yourself or others declaring, enough of fear, rejection, stress or relationships!


Rumble & Roar

If you feel your being guided into a new level or dimensions, then your being guided into a new roar, and that means your clout and what you carry is the new rumble about to be released!



This Anointing oil is all about your new life, in fact abundant life, over you as a leader to leaders, as one who equips the equippers!

From Mando

The Anointing Oils are for you and your destiny and the monies that come from it will river as a mighty resource for the harvest field. For we are from the same blood line and DNA! You are Jewels of War!

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Dianna Jackson

"From the first time I smelled the oil, my spirit started soaring. We began to pray and worship the Lord. It was the first time my husband said he felt like he was flying. He said that I turned into an eagle and he was riding on my back."

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are more than just nice fragrances from plants. The Word of God tells us the “Life is in the blood”.The penetration properties of Essential Oils are so great that within 21 minutes of application every cell in the body will be penetrated.

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